Monday, July 4, 2011


Here's a Graduation card I did recently -- I also made decorations that coordinate with this card, for Josh's grad open house. It turned out really clean and sophisticated!

That's homemade baker's twine (!) for the 'tassle', and black enamel accents to distinguish the spelling of 'grad'.

* * *

Josh and I took a mini-trip to our old college town and Little Nashville this weekend. Pretty sure it goes without saying that I spent the majority of my visit in Wishful Thinking and Papertrix (my two favorite craft stores EVER!). Seriously, if you're ever in the area, you have to check them both out. They are both so amazingly unique and packed with so many goodies.

I want to send out a special 'HELLO' to Amy, a new follower of my blog! I met Amy while I was shopping in one of my 2 favorite crafty stores, Papertrix, where she works. YAY, Amy, thanks for a great visit to Papertrix, and for following my blogging journey. I can't WAIT to come visit Nashville again!

thanks for reading!

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