Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2012! I'm not a big pursuer of New Year's Resolutions, but one thing that I would like to make an effort to more of beginning this New Year, is to scrapbook more. Sounds crazy, I know.

I've been a "scrapbooker" for nearly 10 years now, but haven't done any in QUITE some time -- I mostly make cards. I've noticed recently that it's as if I'm waiting around on "life" to happen in order to have something "worth" documenting - when it's exactly the opposite. It's almost as if I'm treating this period of my life like it's insignificant, when it is so important! Sure, it's great to document birthdays, weddings, and holidays, but I feel that it's even better to record those everyday moments. I guess I feel that those are what really define who we are, and they will be what paints an accurate picture of us years from now when our grandchildren's grandchildren are looking through our books many moons from now.

Thanks to you all for reading -- I wish you all a happy and blessed 2012.

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