Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Happy Superbowl Sunday!
I made these for tonight!
Of course, when it comes to football our hearts lie with THE COLTS, but 2nd to them is The Green Bay Packers. :) I made these using Storybook (1.75" Shadow) & Everyday Paper Dolls (.75" Real Dial ON). These were super fun, and I actually whipped them up really quickly. I can't wait to make them for all kinds of holidays!! I love it when I can find a Cricut use that is something other than cards & scrapbooks!
My favorite commercial so far? The one where the guy checks Facebook from his car - "best first date ever". :) Nothing can top last year's Google Parisian Love, though. Sigh. :) But of course, I'm MOST excited about the post-game GLEE return. (!)
Hope you're staying safe and warm.


  1. Great job!!! I love finding new uses with my E too!!!!

  2. Great project! Looks cute, and I bet was super yummy too :)


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