Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm married! :)

Hey guys... I'm back! :) Thank you for sticking with me through my absence from the blog world.

Josh and I were married in our church on October 20, 2012. We had the most beautiful and perfect day anyone could ever dream of.. Everything went off without a hitch, making all of the hard work and worry well worth it in the long run. We are so blessed.

Our wedding was 100% purple and *almost* 100% DIY. :) I handmade almost everything -- our invitations, bouquets, boutonnières and corsages, centerpieces, decorations, place cards, and designed the save the dates and programs as well. I hope to share photos and details of how I made these things once I get a bit more settled in to my new home! :)

Thanks so much for being a follower of my little corner of the blog world... It means a lot. See you real soon!

MRS. Emily ;)

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  1. You got married on my birthday! (We attended another wedding on that day.) Happy for you, Wonderful you could do so much, yourself, for your ceremony. xo, Cheryl


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