Thursday, November 18, 2010


Here is a card I made last night. A close family friend is struggling with a terminal illness and some very hard times. At times like this it seems that there are no words or actions that you can say or do that will make a difference, but I try to believe that’s not true. I try to believe that just letting someone know that you care, makes at least one happy moment.

I cut this card base with Archiver’s CS in their crop room. I then used the cuttlebug, tea dye ink, tacky glue and flower soft to embellish the front. My favorite mini alphas on the inside for a simple but powerful message. Pretty simple, really, but I wanted to focus more on what I was writing than a crafter’s bells and whistles.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank You & My Favorite Cartidge!

I have been so busy, and therefore neglectful of this blog. =p
Wanted to quickly post this card. I made this for a friend who was considerate enough to come and support me at my first craft show! I made this using my latest, and possibly favorite-ever cartridge, Create a Critter. All die cuts shown are from this cartridge. I love it!

Below is a close-up, where you can really see my OOPS - I put a piece of paper that was ever so slightly too small in the cricut for the die cut. I had to then piece together some paper to re-create the ear. I say there's no such thing as a mistake.. Or at least, I try to tell my inner neurotic self that... :)

I have had the opportunity over the past week or so to play around and create a few critters. I love this cartridge SO much! I am quite the animal lover so this comes as no surprise. :)

Well, ta-ta for now.. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Craft Fair

I am happy to write that my first ever craft fair was a huge success! I feel so blessed. I sold quite a bit -- much more than I had dreamed I would. In fact, after Night 1, I stayed up half the night creating more stuff to replenish what I had nearly sold out of. Unbelievable!

For the fair, I created Fabric hair/blouse pins, Christmas gift tags, All-occasion gift tags, mini 3d cards, and regular cards varying from Christmas, Birthday, and notecards. Rather than charging a booth fee, a portion of each person's profit was donated to UNICEF.

A huge thank you to my friends and family that made a point to come see my stuff. <3

I have to say, although it was nice to make some money, I really enjoyed hearing everyone's kind words about the projects I worked so hard on. My favorite part, though, was having little girls (many of them my students!) look bashfully at the floral hair pins I made. Many of their parents or grandparents bought them for the girls, so now I get to see them in use during school. Love <3


Monday, November 1, 2010

Today my family lost a wonderful lady. My cousin Rieta passed away this afternoon. I wanted to put something here to say --

She was never without a smile
She was champion bowler in the special olympics
she loved to sing in the choir
she loved to work puzzles and eat sweets
But most of all, where her heart REALLY lied, was with cats.

Rieta loved cats, even more than I do, which is saying something. I had the chance to make her this card and give it to her on Saturday, the last time we saw her alert.

I miss her, and I hate that she couldn't spend more time here spreading her cheer. I hope she knew how much we appreciate and love her. For anyone your cat a little longer every now and then, for her. It would make her happy.