Tuesday, January 11, 2011

some updates :)

Hello my bloggy friends! I hope everyone is keeping warm in this blizzard that seems to be sweeping the nation. It's a mess here! I had the flu last week, and immediately following my recovery, I began my new job. :) I've been working LOTS, and loving it. Not much craft time (as in none), but good things come to those who wait..

During the new year, there was an amazing sale on cartridges at www.cricutmachine.com. (If you're not signed up already, you'll want to get their e-mails. ..Rumor has it that this, along with other sites and eBay accounts are run by ProvoCraft. This may seem sketchy, but...I'm not sure I care, haha. I have ordered from all 3 rumored sellers, each time with great success.) At any rate, there were loads of cartridges for $14.95, so I got 3. :) One of these was Happily Ever After. WHAT?!, you may be saying, how did Emily, the world's biggest Cinderella fan not have the cartridge where Cinderella and Cricut collide? The answer is I do not know. But I have it now. ;) Of course, I couldn't wait to play, so during a mini-visit to Archiver's I picked up the bazzill colors I would need to create the princess, Gus, and Jaq.

loooove this cardstock!

These are not, I repeat, not easy! But very fun if you have the time. The results are adorable, and I can't wait to make projects out of these. :)

I also got a new HA stamp set, Just My Type, that has been on my wishlist - this vintage typewriter comes with 3 type font phrases that fit in the page space. Love!

Also got a fun tutorial for these hearts!! Hellllo, valentines for my students! :)

I didn't exactly *JUST* go to Archivers... :) This is how we spent our Saturday:

Sadly, we did not bring much luck to the COLTS with our mere presence. But we had a BLAST! :)

Thanks to my new Followers - I'm so happy to have you! :)

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  1. I am ALWAYS in trouble since I have an Archivers 10 minutes from my house! LOL. Looks like you guys had fun despite the loss!!!!


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