Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Beginning!

I'm a little slow to realize that you can have multiple blogs on blogspot.com...so if I already have a personal one, and a beauty one, why shouldn't I have the most important of all - a scrapbooking/papercraft one? :)

I am 25, and I have been an avid "scrapbooker" since 2003.

I'll post work as I do it, review products as I try them out or re-discover them, and make note of any shopping hauls...!

So I won't waste any time! Tonight I went to Hobby Lobby for a bit, because I needed page protectors for my current project. This resulted in a mini-haul, all of which was 40% off!:
- 20 pack of The Paper Studio 12x12 Sheet Protectors
- 3 pack Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers (Lettuce, Purple Twilight, Raspberry)
- 2 sheets of American Crafts Thickers (white fabric letters)
I also took an info tab for every cricut cartidge in stock, as I am trying to learn more about my cricut and experiment with it. (I will very likely being blogging about this subject in the near future...). They are 30% off this week!

I have read about the paint dabber's in blogs before, but never plunged into that purchase. While at an Archiver's this past weekend, a lady shopping traded our love for different Ranger products with one another, and she insisted that I have to try these some time. So I will. :)

Thickers are something else I have always kept my eye on but never tried. With them being on clearance, I thought I might try them. Once I took a closer look and saw that they were fabric, my mind went momentarily crazy with all the visions of how I could alter/embellish them. They landed in my cart.

Can't wait to try them out!

I really need an album for my current project, but I see no sense in paying full price when they will be 50% off within a few weeks. I believe in crafting on a budget..because I have no choice! :P I have made a pact with myself, that I semi-violated this evening, that I will ONLY purchase items if they are specifically for my current project. It's very hard, but I'm really trying!

Until next time, thank you for reading :)

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