Tuesday, August 24, 2010


There are many places I really enjoy going to in Nashville, IN, but there are a handful that I can’t do without when I get to visit. One of these staples for me is Papertrix. Papertrix is, as you probably guessed, a paper crafts store, run by a very friendly and inspirational husband and wife team. They have a large table where you can sit and try out stamps and other products – a very nice touch. Never have I EVER seen a store of any kind that was so well-stocked. It is a somewhat small space, but every inch of every wall and shelf is loaded with the best product you can imagine. They’ve got an amazing Tim Holtz section, which is of course a selling point for me. They also carry many brands that I don’t find in any other stores. A particular set of Maya Road chipboard shapes I found a couple years ago comes to mind. Elvis stamps, Alice in Wonderland themed things. Another thing I really like is that there will be a product line or theme, and they’ll have SO MANY coordinating products, so you can really choose what embellishments you want. For instance, this past trip, I found a set of really cute journaling tags with a ‘domestic goddess’/kitchen theme. The lady showed me another area of the store that included stickers, die cuts, recipe cards, etc., that all matched! I didn’t get those this time, but I’ll definitely keep them in mind. We’re hoping to travel to Nashville again in the fall… :)

I rarely head for Papertrix with a particular shopping list in mind – it’s more fun to just walk in and see what you find. I never walk out empty-handed. These 2 folks have really done a great job at creating an inspiring atmosphere and maintaining and incredibly well-stocked selection of goodies. If you live anywhere nearby (I’m ~ 2 1/2 hours away), you’ve gotta check it out. There’s TONS to do in Nashville, and you do not want to miss this!

You can read and learn all about Papertrix here!

My boyfriend and I at Papertrix in 2008. (What a great guy to have his photo taken with me in a scrapbooking store)... :) This gives a peak of what their amazing walls look like! Great stuff!

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