Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hero Arts Wishlist...

As I've said, me + catalogs = danger. Even more danger, when I google the products and see all the cute and creative ways other people have used them. Here is my current Hero Arts wishlist...

1. Poly Clear Sending Holiday Cheer Set
My longing for this set is solely the fault of the HA Catalog. The example they show is JUST TOO CUTE. Plus, when I look at the individual stamps, I see other uses (the tree, for example).
Pre-order here.

2. Prisma Glitter
I saw Jennifer Mcguire use this in a card-making video and I've wanted it ever since. She says that it is a perfect clear glitter, so that when you put it over stamped images that you have colored in, it gives a lot of glitter but still shows the true color of the image underneath.
Order here.
See her video here.

3. Music Background
Ohhhh boy, I need this more than I need any of the others. As a lover of music, someone who participated in choir for over 10 years, I say I need this. I'm thinking Glee album, Christmas pages and cards, and...well just endless ideas for this beauty!
Pre-order here.

4. Decorative Ornament
Again, the catalog did me in on this one. Just gorgeous!
Pre-order here.
5. Friend Definition
I've been looking for a stamp like this for a little while now. I think it makes such a great go-to background stamp. It could be used for birthday/thinking of you cards for friends, the obvious use. But I also think it would be a a great generic type background if done in a really pale ink (like my new distress pumice stone!)
Order here.

6. Just A Note Poly Clear Set
I love lots of these little guys - I feel like the notebook paper would be so cute for journaling (if you can write that small). The 'just a note' could be used for cards, obviously. :)
Order here.

This list is definitely a work in progress... :) I'm researching online to see if I can find them on sale, or perhaps next time I'm at Archiver's!

thank ya for readin'

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