Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let's talk about Hauls....

Truthfully, it may be a little concerning to look at my upcoming blog posts. There are going to be quite a few HAUL posts and not so much of actual WORK! This has been SUCH a busy time for me (in a *very* good way - I'm starting TWO new jobs)! So, I've had no time to get any actual crafting done, but PLENTY of time to shop for supplies. :) I'm about to make a gross understatement: I have broken my pact with myself that I would only buy things for my current project. I think I can justify most of it, though... Here are a few random things I've picked up and why!

A 6-year old boy I babysit and I used these a couple weeks ago. I used them over some basic Crayola markers on a color-by-number page, and the result really surprised me. The glitter is beautiful! ($4.88, Wal-mart)

^ Crayola Pipsqueak Glitter Glue results

Some patterned paper and stickers for a "Sweet Caroline" page; thick metallic varsity stickers for Cheerio page; both Paper Studio. (Hobby Lobby)

Finally! An album, a home, for my treasured Glee Concert Pages. :) Paper Studio. (40% off at Hobby Lobby; $14.99)

I scored another set of Ranger paint dobbers at 40% off. Colors: red pepper, denim, sunset orange. (Hobby Lobby, $5.99)

I had planned to use the weekly 40% off coupon on my album, but since it was clearanced out, I decided to spring for the Souffle pens I have been wanting. I tested a few on the acetate-like packaging. Really pretty colors, and a cool raised effect. Fun! (40% off at Hobby Lobby; $12)

Crayola Bold colors on sale for $1 in the back to school area, and I went ahead and bought this issue of Scrapbooks Etc.. I subscribed to this for ~2ish years before my sub. ran out. I miss it like crazy and want to re-subscribe, but I didn't want to miss this issue! If you are a crafter and don't read this magazine, you really don't know what you're missing. I literally read this cover-to-cover and dog-ear TONS of pages because of all the great ideas and tips it offers. Love it. Need it. Can't live without it. ;)

...I can't resist pearls. :)

Fun! I've wanted to try this for some time, and the price was right.

Here is a perfect example of why I love Scrapbooks Etc. so much. This section was all about DIY embellishments, and I thought these leaves were just beautiful. Although the info (here) tells how to make it completely from scratch, I found a punch I'm really excited to use...

Martha Stewart Crafts; 25% off $9.99, so $7.50

I went to Paris and London in March 2004 and have yet to really scrapbook that monumental journey. For my birthday this year, my mom gave me a photo album with room enough for descriptions. I thought these new Jolee's Boutique accents would be perfect to just 'lick-n-stick' into that album were beautiful and perfect for such a project. Also picked up a couple $1 stamps; a pumpkin and "bloom where you're planted" tree and gemstones.

Thanks for reading my random hauls - can't wait to put them all to use!

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