Sunday, August 22, 2010



y brother came into town for a visit this evening. I got out my work-in-progress, my Glee Live album, to show him. As I've mentioned before, I don't really expect any of my non-scrapping friends or family to notice the first detail of the work I do. But, when he opened to the first page, he mentioned that one of his friends, who I am 'facebook friends' with, saw the pictures I posted of my Glee album. She evidently commented that she saw my work, and that it was so good it inspired her to get back into the hobby.

This literally warmed my heart..(as literal as that saying can be, anyway). Even though I do it for many other reasons, knowing that someone else felt this way without feeling obligated to say so means a lot. Have you ever noticed that sometimes compliments made about you, but not to your face, sometimes seem even nicer? This sure made me feel good.


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